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Ionain Blue Hotel

Ionain Blue Hotel

Your dreams come true at the Greek island LEKADA This coming Pesach, enjoy an unforgettable vacation on the beautiful Greek island of Lefkada A pleasant

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Gil Tours was founded in 1992 to provide the religious public with suitable vacation opportunities, in an appropriate and strictly kosher atmosphere – all this without giving up on reasonable prices and a high level of service.

The company holds reliability and customer service as its highest values, which are justified by the thousands of satisfied and returning customers.

Gil Tours deals with a variety of operations:

  1. Providing hotel reservations at discounted rates.
  2. Planning events and trips for groups and employees3.
  3. Organizing vacation/holiday resorts in Israel for observant families.
  4. Coordinating celebrations and events (Bar Mitzvahs, Sheva Brachot) in hotel resorts.

All company activities are characterized by a strictly Kosher and observant atmosphere held at a high level of performance. Among our clients are the Bank of Israel, Bank Leumi, the Religious Teachers Union, Ministry of Defense Pensioners, and also organizations such as: the Beth Jacob Seminary, Ulpanat Amna, Beth Rivkah College, and more.